Adult Day Care

What is adult day care?

An adult day care is a place where someone will be safe and have all of their needs met such as their nutrition, health, and social needs. Commonly seniors attend adult day care, however, the service is almost always open to any adult. While at an adult day care will be able to interact with other people their age. There are also many adult day cares that are specialized for only one condition. For example, a day cares for people who have Alzheimer’s.

Who can go to adult day care?

This is really up to the individual adult day cares that are near you. Some may have certain requirements such as having a certain disease or illness, but others may be open for anyone to join. Consulting the adult day cares near you is a good idea if you are unsure about whether or not you or a loved one is eligible to attend.

What are the benefits of adult day care?

An adult day care can meet all your needs. It is also a very great place for someone to be able to be social and interact with a variety of people. One of the best parts of adult day cares is the fact that almost all of them offer flexible scheduling. Someone doesn’t have to go to adult day care every single day of the week, or even for the whole day. You could go to adult day care only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from only 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM if you wanted to. Many of these adult day care centers are also quick to make accommodations for you or you loved one so that comfort is never something you need to worry about.

Where can I find a good adult day care?

Doing your research is very important when it comes to this question. Try making a list of every adult day care near you and contacting each one to see how they all are. Most adult day cares will also offer to have you try it out for a day and see if it is right for you or a loved one.

How can I convince someone to attend adult day care?

Sometimes people can be a little apprehensive to go to adult day care. They might be nervous about meeting new people or trying new things. They might also be embarrassed about going to something called “adult day care”. It is important to ask them what they are worried or embarrassed about. Starting this conversation about adult day care is super important because often times it can take away a lot of the mystery and pressure from the idea. Remember that the decision is ultimately always up to them. Never force someone to do it.

If you are on the fence about going to adult day care or sending someone to adult day care, the best thing to do is simply try it out. You might find that it is not right for you, or you may find that you or your loved one really enjoy it. Trying new things like adult day care or senior housing can be scary, but you will often find that it will change the person's life in an amazing way.

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