Advanced Directives

Advanced Directives

Have you found yourself in the position of wanting, possibly needing, to ensure your voice is heard when making decisions about your health and wellness? Are you facing an illness or debilitating disease that threatens to leave you incapacitated without the confidence that your true desires are both spoken for and followed? This is where Advanced Directives are capable of guaranteeing that your exact wishes are carried out, especially when you are in your greatest hour of need. Simply stated, Advanced Directives are legal documents or personal proxy that are empowered to specifically state what you do, or in some cases do not, want and what matters most to you in terms of your health, should you find yourself in a position where you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself because of illness or incapacity. Advanced Directives are a priceless gift of peace of mind. Taking the time to decide which one is best for you is time well spent, and will give you the long-term satisfaction you seek.

First Generation Directive

Advanced Directives provide specific instructions about course of medical treatment to be followed by health care providers and caregivers. In the case of utilizing a Living Will, you may be as broad or specific as you like. The challenge therein lies that with ever-changing treatments and best possible solutions being limited to a specific patient and their current status, the Living Will is unable to completely cover the scope of potential medical scenarios or be accurate in affording you the best treatment possible for your specific needs at that time.

Second Generation Directive

While having a Living Will is helpful, having a personal Healthcare Proxy or a Medical Power of Attorney will offer you a different approach. Due to the nature of medial treatments being specific to your needs at the time of observation, having a personal representation to physically hear and be part of real-time updates on condition, treatments, and medical excellence will prove to be very helpful in making the best possible decisions you are seeking, as long as you are unable to do this yourself.

Third Generation

For the most optimal results that empower you to have your desired outcome, experts recommend the Five Wishes Advanced Directive. This combines the best of both a Living Will and a Medical Power of Attorney. It can be very daunting to carry the responsibility to know what is best for ourselves, and even more challenging for a family member or very close friend to do the same. The Five Wishes connects the dots from the personal desires, to the medical scenarios, through the other side of the best possible case scenario for both treatment and the health and wellness you desire.

Whether choosing a Living Will, Healthcare Proxy, Medical Power of Attorney, or utilizing the combination of both within the expert recommend Five Wishes Advanced Directive, your decision making process will be protected, medical needs followed, and what matters most to you will be kept paramount. At the end of the day, having the confidence that what you want will be heard, understood, and carried out exactly as you have directed provides peace of mind that cannot be compared.

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