What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is someone who monitors another person and assists them in their daily activities. Commonly caregivers are used for people who have certain impairments such as old age, trouble moving, or some sort of mental illness. The caregiver will usually stay in the home with the person so that they can stay where they live. Caregivers are also a great way to manage medication and ensure that your loved one gets to their appointments or wherever they need to go on time. Caregivers also serve as a great social companion. Caregivers will often accompany your loved ones wherever they go and have very flexible scheduling.

How do I decide if it is time for a caregiver?

One of the most common things that will spark the need for a caregiver is difficulty moving around or doing everyday tasks. Forgetting medication is also a good reason to hire a caregiver. You may also find that the need for a caregiver doesn’t come from your loved ones needs, but from yours instead. If you are spending too much time caring for them and it begins to get in the way of your daily tasks or cause stress it may be time to hire a caregiver.

How do I find the best caregiver?

Doing your own research is important because every area in the world has a different variety of caregivers. The best thing to do is find an actual caregiver service so that you can be sure that your caregiver is properly licensed in everything required for their job. A common thing to do is interview your caregivers with your loved on in the room. After the interview is over ask you loved one what they thought of them and see if they are the right choice. It may take multiple interviews to find someone that your family member is interested in taking care of them. Often times it is a personality search rather than a skill search since most caregivers are similarly certified and skilled.

My loved one is nervous about hiring a caregiver, what should I do?

First of all the most important thing to do is talk to them about it. New things make people nervous, and hiring a caregiver is a huge change in someone's life. Make sure you answer any questions that they will most likely have about hiring a caregiver. A lot of times they might be frightened that you will see them a lot less. Make sure that they know that you will continue to visit them.

A caregiver can be a wonderful thing to add to a family. It will make everyone a lot less stressed and you will feel better knowing that your loved one is safe at home because they are under constant supervision. Make sure you check up on how things are going a while after the caregiver is hired and make sure that your loved one still really enjoys the company that the caregiver provides them. Remember, don’t be afraid to just try it! You might be surprised at how well a caregiver fits into your family’s life.

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