Things that elderly people with Dementia can do

You need to find games that stimulate thought and use cognitive thinking. There are several games available such as tic-tack-toe, card games such as poker or solitaire, bingo or scrabble.

Cooking is also a great way to get elders involved and feeling needed. Usually baking cookies or cakes and letting the elder person decorate or let them help decorate. They can make simple sandwiches and fruit dishes as well. Give them purpose by having a picnic with their peers and serve the food they prepared. If you are having children visit or other guests, then you can have the elders help prepare simple food or h'orderves to serve the guests.

Music is also great for stimulating memories. You can get music books with large print so it is easy to read. Have weekly sing alongs that people can join. Find music from days when the elder was a child and have them relive memories of what those songs remind them of when they were young. You could also do “Name that Tune” using older songs or nursery rhymes.

Bring videos in that help stimulate the mind. You could show old reminiscent videos, relaxation videos or even Yoga videos. They have Yoga for everyone now. Yoga is great because it gets the mind and body working together. The history and discovery channel are great programs to watch as well.

If it is nice out or the climate is nice where you live, then you may want to try gardening. Make sure you use the appropriate gardening tools. Tools with long handles or that are easy to use and do not require a lot of bending. You could make portable gardening beds and plant flowers and vegetables. A garden is great for the sole, it gives a person purpose and pride to tend their garden everyday.

Let's not forget crafts, paper or sewing. Story telling is a great community event. Start by passing around an empty book and have each person write a paragraph or 2 as they add to the story that is being written. You can always start with a theme or setting to get things started, such as; “You are on the beach in the middle of summer”, then let them write the story.

You can have dancing lessons or just dance hour for everyone to enjoy. Those who are physically able may want to do aerobic exercises, swim or play the piano.

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