How to Find a Home Health Agency

Why using a Home Health Agency might be a great choice

Individuals who need medical attention or support caring for themselves may have the desire to remain in their own home. Home health care is provided by a home health agency and may allow for this possibility with greater convenience and at a lower cost than a nursing home.

Home health care agencies provide a variety of services. Common services provided can include:

Services provided by a home health care agency

  1. Wound care
  2. Nutrition therapy
  3. Injections
  4. Healthcare monitoring
  5. Care of pressure sores
  6. Serious illness monitoring
  7. Pain monitoring
  8. Home safety checks
  9. Care coordination
  10. Education about your own care
  11. Medication monitoring

Benefits of Home Health Care

Home health care agencies across the United States make millions of home visits each year. Popularity of home health care has increased over the last thirty years as the cost of medical care has sky-rocketed and the life expectancy has increased.

Home health care agencies continue to provide some of the most cost-effective health care services when compared to other health care options, including nursing homes.

Additionally, home health care agencies not only individualize their services to meet the needs of their clients, they also allow clients to remain in their home, which can promote healing.

If the home health care agency is providing assistance to seniors who simply struggle with independently performing certain daily activities, home health care can be the perfect means to aid and supplement care already provided by other care givers within the home.

Benefits of using a Home Health Care agency

Deciding whether to use a home health care agency or contract directly with a nurse or health care aid is an important decision. Using a home health care agency may eliminate the concerns about workers' compensation, taxes, wage compensation, insurance, and liability.

Home health care agencies will also conduct criminal background checks to ensure the workers sent to the home do not have a criminal record. If a theft or injury does occurs, the home health agency will have insurance to compensate you for damages.

Additionally, home health care agencies have a staff of trained professionals and can provide continuous, uninterrupted service for your loved one. Finally, home health agencies have the resources to ensure that all home health care workers are trained, properly supervised, and prepared for emergencies.

Determine the costs of care

Although home healthcare is less expensive than a nursing home, it can be quite expensive. Currently the average cost for a six hour home health care visit is $114.